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All-Poland Full Professor of Constitutional Law;

Honorary Professor at the University of San Martin de Porres de Lima (Peru);

Honorary Professor at Hidalguense Center of Higher Studies in Pachuca (Mexico);

Foreign Scientific Consultant of the Law Faculty at the State University of Karaganda “E. A. Biketova” (Kazakhstan);

Lecturer of the Summer Courses for the Constitutional Judges and other Legal Practitioners from the Ibero-American area at the Castilla-La Mancha University in Toledo (Spain);

Administrative responsibilities:

Current Vice-Chairman of the Polish Association of the Constitutionalists, that is of the national branch of the International Association of Constitutional Law (AIDC – IACL);

1996-2002 Vice-dean of the Law School at the Wroclaw University;

2000-2003 Board member of the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA – in Brussels);

1983-1989 The Wroclaw University Rector’s Representative for the Foreign Students;

1982-1989 Foreign Corresponding Editor of the “Handbook of Latin American Studies” (the USA Library of Congress);

Editorial activity:

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal “Revista Iberoamericana de Derecho Procesal   Constitucional” – under the auspices of the Latin-American Institute of Constitutional Procedural Law;

Member of the Editorial Council of the Mexican Journal “Cuestiones Constitucionales. Revista Mexicana de Derecho Constitucional”;

Member of the Advisory Board of the Quarterly, published in Rabat (Morocco) “Dialogues – Review of Political and Social Studies”;

Member of the Council of permanent foreign contributors to the Academic Journal „Revista Latino-americana de Estudos Constitucionais” (Brazil);

Member of the Advising Committee to the legal journal “Foro Juridico”, put out every half year by the Students of the Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru;

Member of the Editorial Council of the journal “Education and Science without borders”, put out by Evropska Asociace Studentu a Podnikatelu (EASP) in Prague (the Czech Republic);

Supervisory Occasional Reviewer of the scholarly periodical texts on the constitutional for the publishing university houses in Poland;

Academic affiliation:

Member of the Polish Association of the Constitutionalists;

Co-founder (in 1975) of the Polish Association of the Latinamericanist Studies;

Corresponding Member of the Instituto del Derecho Politico y Constitucional de la Universidad de la Plata (Argentina);

Member of the Gudjarat Law Society in Ahmadabad (India);

Foreign member of the Venezuelan Association of Constitutional Law (Venezuela);


Before 1990, my research projects was connected with Latin American political regimes and parliamentary systems. Already in this period of the beginning of my academic career – in  the adversary conditions of the socialist government – I have registered some successes in that time: a year and a half long scholarship in Cuba (1977-1978) and the publication of my doctoral thesis by the Venezuelan Academy of History, titled in Spanish “Los Gobiernos de Facto en America Latina. 1930-1980” (Caracas 1989). It was reviewed in scholarly journals of the nine countries. Since the democratization of my country, I am studying more and more the constitutional institutions of Poland and of the Eastern European states. When our Faculty became the member of the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA), I got involved with the research into the legal training in the Eastern European law schools.


Up to 1990, I did mostly the courses on the so-called Third World countries.

From time to time, I conducted also the seminars on the ways of establishing the legal rules (the law-making process). At present, I am giving lectures on the Polish and comparative constitutional law and am a tutor of master’s and doctoral thesis. In 1997, under my supervision, the first postgraduate of mine took his doctorate in constitutional law. At present, my participation in the doctoral procedures was extended to the foreign countries, like Spain, India, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, etc.

Conferences and lectures abroad:

Since 1990, I have an opportunity to participate in the foreign scientific conferences and seminars. I have also lectured in a number of French and Spanish universities and presented the papers in Moscow (Russia), Minsk (Byelorussia), Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Iassy (Rumania), Paris and Toulouse (France), Rome and Macerate (Italy) universities. Beyond my continent, I did lectures in the International Islamic University of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Universite Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (Senegal); University of Jendouba (Tunisia), SGT University in Haryana (India), and in an innumerable academic centers and universities of Latin America.

Special field of my activities is the electoral observation missions and research activities. I am invited regularly by the Latin American electoral bodies and courts. Starting from 2002, I was the International Observer of the General Elections in Paraguay, Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

At present, I am developing the ties with the constitutional courts and tribunals. I took part, recently in the conferences and seminars organized by the Singaporean, Russian, Lithuanian, Kazaks, South African, Dominican and Costa Rican constitutional institutions of that type. Now, are planned my fact-finding missions to the Taiwanese and South Korean constitutional tribunals.

On my side, I have organized a number of international conferences at my Wroclaw Law Faculty, especially in 1999 on the “Human Dignity as a Legal Concept” and in 2001 “Eastern Europe – Latin America. Individuals Rights and the System of Government”.  Drawing upon this recent experience, I put in action, at my Faculty, a Meeting Point between the Eastern European and Latin American scholars.


In addition to the numerous feature journalistic articles in the daily and weekly press, I have put out more than two hundreds scholarly works, including ten books. Almost half of my publications appeared abroad. The majority of them are about the Latin American constitutional problems. Between 1981 and 1986 (i.e. during the martial law in Poland) I did research and published (in Polish) a series of articles on the Caribbean countries. In this past decade of the eighties, I had translated a number of pieces from Spanish and Italian into Polish and from Polish into French and Portuguese. For instance, in 1984 was published in Polish – in my translation – the Mexican book of A. Carrillo Castro “La Reforma Administrativa en Mexico” and a number of Spanish or Italian articles in the field of criminology or legal theory.

In the last decade of the XX century, appeared my comparative monograph in Polish “The parliament in the modern Latin America”(1994) and the book “The Parliament of Canada”(1999). By the way in 1995, I wrote my only one work on the Asian constitutional issues, namely, a study into the specific Indian parliamentary law and procedures.

A separate group of articles and books were devoted to the Eastern European constitutional issues, especially dealing with the constitutional review in the area. Some short works are also appeared on legal education in Poland and in the neighboring countries of my area. Here, see, e.g. my article in Russian “What is worth borrowing from the 1993 Russian Constitution into the Polish Basic Law of 1997 ?” (Moscow 2004) and my note “Access to legal professions in Poland (latest developments)”, ran in the “European Journal of Legal Education” (Vol. 1 No. 1 – an imprint of Cavendish Publishing Limited in London).

In 2007, appeared in Polish language my monograph titled “Norms of the First Chapter of the Polish Republic Constitution”(reviewed in the four most prestigious scholarly legal journal of Poland).

The special sphere of cooperation is with Brazilian legal science centers. In this connection, a series of books co-authored by me and Prof. M. Maliska appeared, namely, two in Brazil “Entre Brasil e Polonia. Um Debate sobre direito e Democracia”(Rio de Janeiro 2012) and “Polska I Brazylia. Democracia e Direitos Fundamentais no Constituionalismo Emergente” (Curitiba 2016), and a one in Poland “Ewolucja państwowości w Brazylii, Polsce i Euroazji – Evolucao do Estado no Brasil, Polonia e Euroasia” (Wroclaw 2015).


I have a lot of  my Wroclaw University Rector’s rewards “for the Teaching and Organization Achievements”; the Medal of National Venezuelan Academy of  History “ Dr. Juan Pablo Rojas Paul”; the Distinctive Mark by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Costa Rica on the occasion of its 50th  Anniversary of Foundation; the Medal of Honor for Excellence of the Journal “El Derecho”, under the care of the National University of Asuncion (Paraguay); The Merit Cross of the Republic of Poland, among other more.

I had received the titles of Honorable Citizen or of Distinguished Guest of TRUJILIO (the northern capital city of Peru), of TOLUCA (the capital city of the State of Mexico) and of the SANTO DOMINGO (the Capital of the Dominican Republic).